Radish was first originated in China, although now there are hundreds of varieties of radishes that are grown all around the world. The radish is apart of the brassicaceae family along with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and turnip. Radish can germinate with in 3 to 4 days of being planted and can be ready to harvest in 3 to 6 weeks. There leaves can be used in a fresh salad, and there seeds can be used as spice though the actual root is the most common part used.

Health Benefits:

Radish have some health benefits such as they are rich in vitamin C and folic acid. They are very good for sinus congestion, sore throats, chest colds, and asthma. Radishes can potentially dissolve mucus and acids within the body, as well as expel stones from the gallbladder as well as cleanse the kidneys. Radishes can help prevent urinary tract and bladder infection. They are known specifically to benefit stomach, kidney, mouth, and colon cancer.   




• 2 bunches radishes, chopped (about 4 cups)

• 2 cups packed cilantro leaves, chopped

• Juice of 2 limes, about 3 tablespoons

• 2 teaspoons Celtic sea salt


1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and toss until incorporated. Let sit at room temperature for 20 minutes. Spoon the salsa into a large wide-mouth mason jar . Using a muddler, press the radish mixture so the juices cover the salsa. You might need to press several times to help the juices release from the radishes. Loosely screw the lid on top of the jar.

2. Place the salsa in a dark, cool spot in the pantry. Let sit for 48 hours. You’ll notice if you stir the salsa there will be bubbles. That’s a good thing! It means the salsa has fermented. Store in the fridge.